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Beginning of Pure Coffee

Since early days, Malaysians have been drinking coffee. Malaysians from northern part of East Malaysia developed new coffee roasting recipes of their own , that was vastly different from the rest of the world. Commonly known as Black Kopi and White coffee, they soon became widespread throughout Malaysia due to their unique taste.

A few years ago, an entrepreneurial coffee lover in Batu Pahat, Johor conducted extensive research and recipes on healthy coffee drinking. It was learnt that locals preferred drinking coffee brewed from 'Elephant Coffee Bean‘. The beans are large in shape and have a surprisingly strong fragrant aroma with fruity flavor. They then worked on finding the perfect way of roasting and enjoying the 'Elephant Bean' and it was best expressed when the "Elephant Bean" are at their purest, roasted with no other impurities and additives added.

Delightedly, they wanted to share the joy of tasting the perfect cup of coffee with all coffee lovers, and aimed to promote a healthier choice. Despite the difficulties encountered at earlier stages, they managed to transform the local opinions towards healthy coffee drinking of 'Pure Coffee'.

And today, 'Pure Coffee' brewed from our Rengit 'Elephant Coffee Bean' has now become a widely savored drink by the young and old, and has become a daily staple for many! Life will simply be too dull if you have not tried our coffee yet, so spice up your every day with our Rengit Elephant Coffee!

The Different between Pure Coffee, Traditional Coffee and Local White Coffee:

Pure Coffee = 100% coffee beans

Traditional Coffee = coffee bean + caramelized sugar + etc

Local White Coffee = coffee bean + margarine + salt + sugar

Pure coffee enjoys a rich and strong fragrant aroma and taste after expertly roasted by experienced roasters, to unlock its deeply hidden natural aroma and unique flavor.

In addition, pure coffee is a better choice for health conscious drinkers, especially for the diabetics, because it is absolutely 100% No Sugar added. The strong anti oxidant properties of pure coffee is also beneficial towards many diseases.