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Hello There! If you’re a Café owner, shop owner, business owner or would just like to start a business in selling your own coffee brand products, feel free to drop us a email with the following format and our team will get back to you shortly.

Title : Enquiry on OEM coffee


Contact No.:

Café/Shop/Business Name:

Café/Shop/Business Address:

Products interested : 1) e.g. Java medium roast 250gm silver bag without valve

2)e.g. Traditional Black coffee 500 gm powder vaccum packed

Quantity of product : If you can provide measurements of packaging, we will be able to provide a quote. We are unable to give a rough price due to different size, color, material, packaging, and all these information provided will result in a quicker and more accurate response to you. However, if you are looking to OEM a small quantity in plain bags and apply your brand sticker on it, the minimum quantity is 1000.

Thank you for your interest once again!