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Hello There! If you’re a Café owner, F& B business owner / person in charge and are looking for coffee to suit your business, feel free to browse through our online store to understand what products we have on hand. If you would like a specially blended roast / taste catered for your business only or hoping we could import some special gourmet coffee for your business, drop us a email with the following format and our team will get back to you shortly.

Title : Enquiry on supplying coffee for F& B business


Contact No.:

Business Name:

Business Address:

Products interested : 1) e.g. Rengit Elephant Coffee Bean AA

2)e.g. Special blend of arabica at Rm 60.00 / kg

Quantity of product : please provide specifications and quantity of the product per week you are interested in to enable us to give you a accurate quote.

Thank you for your interest once again!