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About Us

Rengit Coffee Sdn Bhd is the only Malaysian front-to-end coffee company that clones and grows our own coffee beans in our plantations. Currently we are growing more than 200 acres of Liberica coffee and the numbers are still growing.

We process our Elephant coffee beans which includes natural sun drying, sorting, grading, roasting with Germany Imported machines for even control of temperature and packaging into retail packs or blends for our customers. Some examples of our Coffee products can be found under “Our Coffee”.

Under our wide range of customers, we are also pleased to introduce our new chain of espresso-bar cafés, Dagan Café Sdn bhd which customers can have a taste of true Malaysia Coffee, Rengit Elephant Coffee.

Feel free to email us @ dagan@rengitcoffee.com to inquire about our coffee or possible partnerships.