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Rengit Coffee finds its roots in coffee trading in the early 1920s when the first generation of the family were small-time coffee traders in China. Engaged in trading and processing of coffee beans, the thriving business was passed down from father to son as the family found their new home on the shores of the Malaysian Peninsular, Rengit.

The new home of the family in Rengit, Batu Pahat in the state of Johor, is endowed with ample rainfall and fertile soil. It was during this period that the founder discovered the Special Elephant Coffee tree growing on his land. After getting very good response from the locals, it led the second generation of the family to venture into the business of growing their own coffee. By the 1970s, after years of dedication, effort, and numerous trials and development, they cloned their own species of the special Elephant Coffee and started trading their own coffee beans.

The unique Rengit Coffee bean then inspired the third generation of the family to explore the front-to-end model of coffee drinking with its customers, delivering coffee from plantation to cup. Beginning in early 2000’s, Rengit Coffee developed it’s new range of retail packaging suited for customers to bring home fresh ready to brew pure coffee, along with espresso bar-type cafés to offer a genuinely unique coffee-drinking experience to all coffee lovers.

Constantly developing and evolving, Rengit Coffee has now become a signature brand of truly Pure Malaysian coffee.