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Singgahlah sementara, Singapura!

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Singapore Coffee Association (SCA) and we are honoured to have them visit again. 

“The Singapore Coffee Association (SCA) was established in the late 1950s by a group of pioneering coffee traders ... Presently, the SCA membership is represented by all sectors of the coffee industry, from green coffee supply chain providers, international and national roasters to well-known coffee retailers. The mission of the SCA is to provide a forum for all sectors of the coffee industry to share information and jointly promote consumption and trade, to create awareness of and promote the image of coffee in the community and to represent the coffee industry at national and international forums” – SCA media release.

This time, around 30 guests from the Singapore Coffee Association will attend an educational tour on how coffee is grown and processed, to mark differences in coffee grown in Malaysia and in other regions. We’ll have top baristas in the group during the half-day tour that will end at the Cafe.

Latest update: 17/06/2016